WLW Training Seminar/Tryout

WLW Training Seminar


World League Wrestling - a staple in Midwest Professional Wrestling. Training seminars are coming back, and this is one you can't miss. On November 6, WLW will be hosting a training seminar featuring All Elite Wrestling stars - Matt and Mike Sydal. At this seminar, you will get first-hand experience from these two wrestlers. In addition to this, wrestlers that attend will be evaluated to possibly earn a potential spot on the roster of World League Wrestling.

At this seminar, experienced wrestlers will train with conditioning drills to start off, and then break down into training matches. Beginners will also participate in training drills, but also learn the absolute basics of professional wrestling - while also learning from Matt and Mike.

It is advised that you take this opportunity seriously. If you aren't working out, then you are already behind. Professional wrestling is an active sport that does require cardiovascular and muscular endurance. With the pandemic still upon us, please be aware that if you do not feel well or are sick - DO NOT ATTEND. While we are not requiring vacccinations to attend, we do request that you play it smart. Water will be provided

Please arrive by 12:30 PM on November 6 at The Harley Race Wrestling Academy. Training will start at 12:30 PM, and the seminar will start at 1 PM. Sign-ups are located at the link below

Training Seminar
Sports Entertainment stops at World League Wrestling. This is where PRO-WRESTLING continues to live!

The cost for this camp is $40.00 per person. Click HERE to sign up. Spots are limited for this seminar.

Shipping Spots for this training camp are limited. Once reserved, we will forward you more information about the training camp.
Ticket Pickup Once you sign up, we will email you information about this training camp.