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2018 Beginners Class

Starting Dates

The Greatest Wrestling Academy on God's Green Earth

"If you want to be a professional wrestler - I'd be happy to go to Harley Race's School" ~ Jim Cornette

Education Is Key

Just like in any industry, being taught by the best will help you excel in ways you'd never thought possible. Wrestling isn't any different. Learning from one of the best in this sport - Harley Race - is something you'd never be able to put a price on.

Training Center

In 2014, The Harley Race Wrestling Academy relocated to Troy, Missouri to rejuvenate the industry. Now located inside of a 7,500 sq. ft. building, we offer weight training, in-ring training, character development, and more.

Training Hours

We offer training 48 weeks out of the year. Our training days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4PM to 7PM. In 2018, we implemented a new training program that has start dates for beginners every 3 months.

What comes next as a student?

Again, with a new training system implemented on 1/1/2018, beginners could get invited to train in the advanced class. After that, students could have the chance to wrestle for WLW and other companies.

Connetions to bigger companies

Harley Race has established great friendships with companies such as WWE and NJPW over the years. If you are deemed ready enough to perform at a level that they expect, your door could open.

Tuition Fees

The beginners training program is $1200 USD - full amount required upon starting. The advanced training program is $1800 with payment arrangements available. Cash/credit card taken.

Next Start Date For Beginners Class - January 10th, 2018

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  • I have been involved in professional wrestling since 1958 and have had the chance to travel the globe. Learning from the best help me become the best. That's what I offer at my wrestling academy.

    — Harley Race

Things you need to understand

  • Being a professional wrestler isn't for everyone. It takes a special type of being to be one.

  • To train at the Harley Race Academy, you're expectations are held high due to where you train.

  • People that you meet, train with, and get to know here are more than friends - they're family.

  • You're duties in a wrestling school aren't just in-ring, learn as much as you can. Here, we teach you more than what you expect to learn.

The Harley Race Wrestling Academy

The Greatest Wrestling School On God's Green Earth