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The Standard of Professional Wrestling is officially here.

The 8-Time NWA World's Heavyweight Champion Harley Race continues to be involved in professional wrestling via his promotion - World League Wrestling

When fans think of great World's Heavyweight Champions - most always consider Harley Race to be involved in that list. His reputation is second to none, and his expectations are even higher as it pertains to his wrestling students.

The Superstars of World League Wrestling are home-grown, right here at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy

WLW has always prided itself by bringing in talent from all over the world. Superstars that have made a huge impact in this industry.

A fact that is often overlooked is "who will be the moving up in the ranks of professional wrestling?" Superstars of tomorrow will be the superstars of today. Here at WLW, you get mixture of yesterday, today, and tomorrow all under one roof.

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Professional Wrestling IS a sport

Matches are often either 1 on 1, or 2 on 2. Our wrestlers are athletes and they train like one.

With the high expectations of Harley Race, the high-level of training being offered at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy, and the wrestlers drive to become better each and every event - WLW Superstars have to get into "ring shape" and remain in it. We have no off-season, and we do what we do because we love it. Make sure you see all of the WLW Superstars at upcoming events

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World League Wrestling is extremely proud to be keeping professional wrestling alive in a world where values aren't what they used to be. Rest assured that when you come to a WLW Live Event, you're getting the best in professional wrestling and know that you're bringing your family and friends to an environment where everyone can enjoy it.

Troy - 12/2/2017 - Race Wrestling Arena

Leland Race vs. Ace Hawkins - Time limit draw, REX defeated Sean Vincent

Jayden Dominic Rose pinned Jack Gamble, Jon Webb pinned Jaden Roller

Superstar Steve/Brandon Espinosa retained the WLW Tag-Team Titles after pinning Kyle Roberts.

Richmond - 11/11/2017 - Richmond Community Center

Leland Race vs. Keon Option ended in a time limit draw, Superstar Steve pinned REX

John E. Rock pinned Iceman, Jayden Dominic Rose pinned Kyle Roberts

Race, Roberts, REX defeated Superstar Steve, Rose, Option

Troy - 11/4/17 - Race Wrestling Arena

Mike Sydal pinned Air-Raid, Jayden Dominic Rose pinned Joe Bruiser

Jon Webb retained the WLW Jr. Heavyweight Championship, Leland Race pinned REX

Superstar Steve & Brandon Espinosa pinned Kyle Roberts/Warwick Stephans to become the new WLW Tag-Team Champions