2017 Harley Race Beginners Camp

November 3 - November 4, 2017

Harley Race, 8-Time NWA World's Heavyweight Champion is pleased to announce an opportunity for those who are interested to see if they have what it takes to become a professional wrestler. November 3rd and 4th, Race and his professional wrestling school will be hosting a beginners camp and invite all who are interested to participate.

The Harley Race Wrestling Academy is one of the best professional wrestling schools in the country, producing talent such as Curtis Axel, Trevor Murdoch, Ted DiBiase Jr., Ricky Steamboat Jr., Leland Race, Brian Breaker, High Level Enterprise, Elite Aggression, The Black Hand Warriors, and more!

With their new location in Troy, MO, the 7000 square foot building offers 2 rings, weight lifting equipment, conditioning equipment, match preparation, interview and microphone practice room, men's and women's bathrooms with showers, lounge area along with numerous DVD's and internet video resources, in addition to their outstanding regimen of professional wrestling training.

Something new that we are bringing to this camp is that you will get to see, first hand, how training is incorporated into a live event as this camp will be held in conjunction with a live event hosted by World League Wrestling. Following this camp, World League Wrestling will be hosting "Pro-Wrestling Supershow" taking place at the Race Wrestling Arena. As part of the beginners camp, you will get to help out and see what, not only training at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy is like, but also a live event!

The Beginners Camp that is being offered on the first weekend of November will include a minimum of 6 hours of training - both conditioning and in-ring practice - as well as answering any questions pertaining to the wrestling academy. This camp will start at 4pm on Friday, and 8am on Saturday. In addition to participating in this camp and finding out first-hand what training is like, participants will also be offered a special discount off of the tuition if they choose to train at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy. Costs for this 2-day camp are $150. This doesn't include transportation or lodging. For more information, please feel free to call 573-392-4100 or email wlwmom@earthlink.net

Days Of Camp: November 3 - 4

Hours: November 3rd - 4pm to 7pm; November 4th - 8am to 11:30am

Cost: $150

Location: Harley Race Wrestling Academy, Click Here For Directions

To reserve spot, please call 573-392-4100 or email here and we will get back in touch!

If you have the desire to become a professional wrestler, don't waste anymore time wondering if you can or cannot do it. This camp will let you know!