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World League Wrestling

Showing the professional wrestlers of tomorrow - today.

World League Wrestling was started, and is still being ran by 8-Time NWA World's Heavyweight Champion - Harley Race - in 1999. Travelling all over the state of Missouri, WLW showcases quality professional wrestling talent in areas that may not be able to see it otherwise.

Harley Race Wrestling Academy

Training with the greatest wrestler on god's green earth!

If you want to get trained by the best, and his hand-picked staff, then look no further. Harley Race is regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers ever on the face of the planet. Check out our Academy page for details.


  • May 30 - Race Wrestling Arena - Troy, MO
  • June 27 - Chilicothe High School - Chilicothe, MO
  • July 14 - Lincoln County Fairgrounds - Troy, MO
  • July 15 - Lincoln County Fairgrounds - Troy, MO
  • July 23 - Texas County Fairgrounds - Houston, MO

2015 Harley Race
Wrestling Camp


The Wrestling Camp!

This year's week-long training camp is already in the works. We have made contact with 1 legend in professional wrestling, and he has confirmed his appearance!

The legendary 16-Time World's Heavyweight Champion -Ric Flair - will be teaching along-side of the 8-Time NWA World's Heavyweight Champion - Harley Race - at our new location of the Harley Race Wrestling Academy. Check out the camp page for more information!


  • 25 april 2015


    Event results from 4/11 and 4/18 now up!

    If you didn't make it to Richmond or Troy this month, then you missed out! Find the event results here.

  • 28 april 2015

    2015 Training Camp Online!

    If you are wanting to get the experience of a lifetime, look no further!

    2015 Marks the 16th year of operations here at WLW. No better suit to have the 16x World's Heavyweight Champion appear to teach! Sign up now!

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